September 12, 2016

# Jennifer Foor # Joshua Healey

JOSHUA HEALY by Jennifer Foor Blitz!

My parents have been pushing me to make the right choices throughout my life. Instead of taking their advice, I’ve gone against their guidance more times than I care to admit.
Now I’ve done the unthinkable; something they would never approve of. 
I'm involved with a beautiful, compassionate woman, but I've also been in a  complicated relationship with her best friend on and off for several years. 
I don’t know how it’s possible, but I have deep feelings for both.
Now one of them is pregnant.
My choice should be easy, but nothing ever is, at least not in my experience.
I want to reach out to my family, but I already know they'd tell me I screwed up, just like in the past. 
I have to figure this out. 
A choice will be made.
Hearts will be broken, and one of them will most definitely be mine.

I'm Joshua Healy, and this is exactly what I deserve.

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