October 18, 2015

# Double Down # Review

Double Down by Victoria Pratt Review!

She’s catching bad guys–one lap dance at a time…

Small-town-girl turned big-city-cop Cassidy Jones, is a fast-driving, sharp-shooting, man-loving ball buster with a loud laugh and boundary issues. She’s also really great at her job–a fact that is completely irrelevant to the good ol’ boys at the station.

When a local mobster ends up dead, Cassidy is on the case. Unfortunately, if she wants to catch the killer, she’s going to have to do it in a G-string and five-inch heels. Oh, and there’s the little problem that she’s fallen hard for the mobster’s brother, who might also be a murder suspect.

Cassidy has to save her man and her reputation or risk losing it all. 

This story is a very fun read. It is a unique storyline that I have not read about before. An undercover cop in a strip club? Sign me up!!

Cassidy Jones is a cop who is looking to further her career by getting a promotion. The only way to do that, accept an undercover job by working as a stripper at the club Double Down. The plus, she gets to investigate a murder and there is a super HOT owner of the club Lorenzo. As she gets further into the case, she realizes things won't be as simple as they seemed at the beginning. She also realizes that keeping her distance from Lorenzo will be harder than she thought.

This is a great read which I absolutely loved. I highly recommend it.

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