February 20, 2016

# Faithless # K.B Nelson

Faithless by K.B Nelson Review!

She’s a stripper. He’s a preacher. Her name is Faith and he’s been faithless since the day she went away. 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know it’d end like this. 
From the beginning, it could only go one way, and straight to hell it did. 
My past reads like a film stuck on repeat; fall in in love, get heart broke, and then run. Just fucking run. 

And run I did. 
Straight back to that place I swore I’d never return.
Straight back to that place where my broken heart lies buried deep within one man's chest. 

Noah Parker was my first love. He was my only love. 
The only boy that could ever make me feel alive.
The only boy who ever truly broke my heart. 
The only boy who could possibly save me from myself.

But Noah isn’t a boy anymore… 

Faithless is a standalone romance and is intended for mature readers only.

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This books is a good read, however, I was expecting more.
When I first read the synopsis, I was thinking that I would love it. Forbidden romance with a preacher and a stripper sounds thrilling. What I was reading was not as great as I thought it would be.

The book is also slightly confusing. It jumps around to so many different time frames with the past and the present. I often times forgot what was happening because I was trying to figure out when everything took place in relation to the other events.

I hurt for the character of Noah. He has been through so much and carries his pain around with him everyday. The man he used to be is gone and in his place is an empty, broken shell.
Faith is a character who you will also feel sorry for. She has been through so many things that a person her age should not have to go through. After being forced into a job she began to feel trapped. It was almost as though her entire world was collapsing around her.

With all of this being said, I did still enjoy the book. It had a gorgeous cover, amazing synopsis and a good premise. If the book was altered slightly in it's order, it would have made for an even better book.
3/5 Stars!

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