March 16, 2016

# Blog Tour # Gena/Finn

Gena/Finn Blog Tour!

Author Interview Question:

Why did you do decide to collaborate with each other to write this book?

KAT: Who better to collaborate with on a book about the friends you meet through fandom
than a friend you met through fandom!

HANNAH: This was the book I wanted to write and it didn't make any sense to write it
without her.

This is such a good read!!
The characters of Gena and Finn had me captivated by their unique story.
I loved seeing their friendship progress from that of purely online to ssomething
more in real life.
One thing that really stood out to me was the fact that the
book was told completely in text messages, emails and facebook messages.
I would have liked some more context and background information on each of the
characters as individuals since their were certain times where I got a little confused.
overall, I really enjoyed this unique book and the story of a budding friendship.
4/5 Stars!

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