March 1, 2016

# Charles Benoit # Review

Snow Job by Charles Benoit Review!

Does who you are in high school brand you for life?       Nick sure hopes not. It’s senior year, and he has decided that his loser friends may be going nowhere fast, but he isn’t. Instead, Nick has created the perfect list of rules for remaking his life. But meeting dark-eyed Dawn and hanging out with teen thug Zod are nowhere on that list. And making illegal deliveries definitelyisn’t on it. So why is Nick caught up with these people and their dangerous schemes? Will Nick's list help him to be a hero—or turn him into a fall guy?

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This is the first book that I have read by Charles Benoit and I am unsure how I feel about it.
It was a quick and easy read. It didn't take too much thought and was able to be read in one sitting.
There are many references to drugs throughout this novel. Due to this, I would not recommend this novel to very young readers however a middle to higher grade, in my opinion would be suitable.
In order to read this novel, you need to be in the right mood. I loved some elements of the novel, however, there was a large portion that I wasn't a huge fan off. Some moments caught me off guard and I wasn't expecting what was going to take place.
Overall, this is only a decent read for me. Others who read this book may love it.
3.5/5 Stars!

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