Spotlight Sunday #2: Jody Holford Edition!

Coming home was the last thing that globe-trotting photographer, Lucy Aarons wanted to do, but after work-related issues force her to return to her hometown, Lucy must face the truths she’s been hiding from all along.

Avoiding her too-sexy next-door-neighbor proves impossible. Sheriff Alex Whitman is not the same boy she left behind years ago. Realizing Alex’s steady presence is exactly what she craves, Lucy gives in to her desires.

Just as the fire between them ignites, so does the town, as Alex investigates an arsonist who’s hitting them both a little too close to home. As the circumstances around them heat up, and Lucy battles her instinct to bolt, the buildings may not be all that burn to the ground.

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Thank you so much Jody for sending me a paperback copy in exchange for an honest review and spotlight!

I am so happy I got to read this novel! I fell in love with it from the very first chapter and then loved it all the way until the end!

Alex and Lucy stole my heart! I fell in love with them so hard!
Alex is such a great guy. He is sweet, kind and caring. To sum up, he is pretty much the perfect guy. Throughout the novel, you can tell how much he cares about his town, Lucy and the people closest to him.
Lucy has had so much to deal with in her life. She left home, practically right after high school to go and travel the world and expand her photographing skills. Throughout all this pain, she remains strong and confident in what she believes.

As much as I loved the romance and relationship between Alex and Lucy, there were many other elements to the story that I also loved.
For example, I loved the community dynamics and how when trouble ensues, people are able to ban together, and help each other out for the greater good.
I also loved the dynamics within Lucy, her sisters and her parents. They had some comical moments as well as some heartbreaking ones. Throughout it all, their family unit remains strong and loyal.

This is the first book I have read by Jody Holford, but it definitely won't be the last. I highly recommend "Falling for Home" to everyone!

4/5 Stars!

Author Interview:

1) For those you don't know you, would you mind telling us a bit about yourself

I'm a mom, wife, teacher, and writer. I spend every day being all of those things in addition to others like: friend, worrier, reader, doodler and rapid fire texter. I released three books this year and one last year and not too long ago, I couldn't have imagined releasing any. 

2) Who or what inspired you to start writing?

I think from an early age, it was part of who I was. My mom bought me my first diary when I was around 10 and I kept one until my late 30s. Now I write random notes and memories on my phone. Those early diaries were definitely my starting point though.  

3) Who are a few of your favourite authors?

Is there any romance writer that doesn't immediately say Nora Roberts? Definitely Nora. Rainbow Rowell, Rachel Gibson, Sophia Kinsella and some writers that I'm lucky enough to beta read for. You might not know them yet, but one day you will. 

4) What was the hardest thing about writing Falling for Home?

Around the middle point I started to feel like so what? And I got stuck. I had to stop and figure out why Lucy's story mattered and what she really wanted.  

5) Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character in Falling For Home?

Alex O'Loughlin would be a great Alex and Rachel Bilson would be a fun Lucy. 

6) What is your favourite quote from the novel?

I was twelve years old the first time I thought about kissing you. Do you really think, now that you've given me permission, I want an out? 

7) Where do you see yourself ten years in the future?

Watching my daughters continue to mature into the amazing young women they're already becoming. Hanging out with my husband, family, and friends. I'm not big on change so it'll look a lot like right now but I'll have to dye my hair every 3 weeks instead of 6.  

8) What is your upcoming novel going to be about?

Well...I'm actually finishing up Kate's (Lucy's younger sister) story. I've also got another story that I'll hopefully be able to share soon. It's about love and romance and the idea that "not all who wander are lost". 

9) Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?

Just a thank you for having me, for reading my book and for the interview.

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