July 24, 2016

# Allyson Lindt # Breaching His Defenses

Spotlight Sunday #4 Allyson Lindt Edition!

Breaching His Defenses Blurb

What happens in Vegas… Can break hearts and destroy careers.
Years ago, heartbreak corrupted Jared Tippins’s outlook on love. He spun the betrayal into a rapid climb up the corporate ladder, and swore off any relationship with a morning after. Luckily, the playful siren who rescues him from singing a duet alone in a karaoke bar doesn’t want anything long term. 
If only he could stop fantasizing about ways to make her moan. Sure, she could’ve mentioned he works for the competition. At least she’s not behind the security concerns that have plagued his company for almost six months.
If she were, he’d be screwed on a whole new level.

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* Thank you Allyson Lindt for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review*

Breaching His Defenses is an incredible read!! Immediately, I was drawn into the story and wanted to find out what was going to happen with the characters.

I loved the occupations of the characters. I have never read a book where the main job is tech related. This made for the book to have a unique feel to it and made me become all the more invested in the storyline.

Jared and Mikki have an undeniable connection. They had sizzling hot chemistry that ignited the pages of the book and made me want to be in their place. Mikki knew what she wanted, and she went after it. 

Despite the fact that Mikki and Jared have some complications to their "relationship" throughout the novel, they manage to use reason. They are smart, they think things through before entirely jumping to conclusions.

Do things work out for Mikki and Jared? Well, you'll have to read the novel to find out!

I definitely enjoyed this novel, and can't wait to read the next book in the Love Hack Series!

4/5 Stars

Author Interview:
1)    For those you don't know you, would you mind telling us a bit about yourself
a.     I love to read. Romance, urban fantasy, a good intense thriller. All sorts of stuff. I’m also pretty geeky. I’ve been known to take vacation from work just to travel to an anime or fantasy convention, and I love ComicCon. Outside of that, I’m a computer programmer in my day job, and I spend my free time writing.

2)    Who or what inspired you to start writing?
a.     I’ve always loved to read. I hit a point where I couldn’t find enough of the stories I wanted. My mother was a writer. I remember most of my childhood, she was searching for a publisher for her fantasy books (back in the day where they did things like put stamps on envelops and printed 400 pages worth of manuscript just to try and get someone to read your work). She showed me writing was a possibility, and from there I decided to create the stories I wanted to read.

3)    Who are a few of your favourite authors?
a.     Richelle Mead and her Age of X books are about my favorite thing right now. I also loved her Georgia Kincaid books. Neil Gaiman is a huge influence and I’ve read American Gods so many times. I also love Brenna Aubrey, Samanthe Beck, and Laura Kaye.

4)    What was the hardest thing about writing Breaching His Defenses?
a.     The hero, Jared, is very organized, ordered, and all-but OCD. I’m exactly the opposite, so getting into his frame of mind when I needed those compulsions to kick in, was a bit tricky :D

5)    Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character in Breaching His Defenses?
a.     I would love to see Jake Gyllenhaal as Jared, and Maise Williams as Mikki

6)    What is your favourite quote from the novel Breaching His Defenses?
a.     Language warning (which should be observed when reading most of my books ;), my favorite line has always been:

Maybe he should have chased down miss hot-pink T-shirt Mikki, who had the gorgeous eyes. At least then he’d have some satisfaction to go along with the feeling he’d just been f*cked.

7)    Where do you see yourself ten years in the future?
a.     In my perfect dream world, I’ll reach the point where I can write full time, and we’ll tour the world in our early retirement age, staying six months or so in every country we’ve ever wanted to visit. In a more realistic world, I’ll probably still be writing databases during the day, and having a blast writing romance novels at night.

8)    What is your upcoming novel going to be about?
a.     The book I’m working on right now, Auctioning Affection is about two childhood best friends who were torn apart when she married a man he didn’t approve of. Now she’s divorced, and his grandmother’s death brings him back to town, forcing him to face his past.

9)    Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?
a.     The most important thing is, thank you for hosting me today. It’s great to visit, and to meet your readers. I hope anyone stopping by will say hello and introduce themselves. I always love to get to know new people!

About Allyson Lindt
Allyson Lindt is a full-time geek and a fuller-time contemporary romance author. She prefers that her geeky heroes come with the alpha expansion pack and adores a heroine who can hold her own in a boardroom. She loves a sexy happily-ever-after and helping deserving cubicle dwellers find their futures together.

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