February 3, 2017

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Valentine's Day Love Note-- Amanda Kay Edition!!

I am so excited to be brining you Valentine's Day Love Notes from some of your favourite authors!!!
Everyday until Valentine's Day the blog will feature an exclusive scene or note from an author that they wrote from a character in their novel!

Today's Valentine's Love comes from author Amanda Kay!!!

From Time and War

Dear Willow, 

Today is February 14th. It's our first Valentine’s Day together. I'm not sure what we should do, but I wanted to start with this little note to start your school day with. You are everything. You've been everything for some time now. There was a time when I had accepted that Grandpa was wrong. A time when I knew we just weren't meant to be. I longed for the day when I could stop time for us. Our time has truly come. 

So, today, I want you to know you are loved. I want you to know you're mine and I'm yours. Forever my sweet Willow. Time might not ever stand still, but I don't need it to, as long as each second that ticks by I have you by my side. 

Happy Valentine’s Day
Forever yours, KJ

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