April 27, 2017

How You Get the Girl by Jessica Florence!

How You Get the Girl by Jessica Florence Release Date: April 24th, 2017


As Hollywood’s hottest actor, getting a woman in my bed is never a challenge.
Then I spotted her at a bar—she wanted a man for the night, and I jumped at the chance to fill the role. I gave her Joel Kline’s best, and she smacked my pretty face.
But don’t worry, that’s not the end of our story. Her brand of crazy inspired me, and I had to see her again, no matter the cost.
Now, Alessandra Rose is my lead makeup artist for the next four months.
Literally, her job is to touch me every day for the duration of filming. Sounds like a win, right?
Nope, she stops me at every hint of a flirt. I’m in uncharted waters for once.
Joel Kline’s famous techniques to get the girl are failing me. It’s no longer about those sexy Brazilian lips, or her fiery spirit that gives me a hard-on.
It’s about making her banana pancakes after she spends the night in my home.
It’s about knocking down those walls around her, claiming her as mine.
She’s going to fight me, of course, unwilling to accept that it’s not all an act.
But I’m not going anywhere; that’s how you get the girl.

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Jessica Florence wrote a great novel!
How You Get The Girl was so intriguing and captivating. Alessandra and Joel completely stole my heart! They had such a sexy and steamy connection that I was constantly wanting more and more of their relationship.
I definitely enjoyed this novel, and I can't wait to read more from this author in the future!
4/5 Stars!

About the Author:

Writer of Alpha Males & Fairy Tales Author <3 extraordinaire="" geek="" movie="" p="" potterhead="">
When she’s not writing her next invigorating story. You can find her running her own business, and spending time with her husband and daughter in southwest Florida. Jessica loves to interact with her readers!

Connect with Jessica:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JessicaFlorenceAuthor Website: Www.JessicaFlorenceAuthor.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/florence_jess

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