May 26, 2017

Disgraced by Natasha Knight Release Blitz!

Disgraced by Natasha Knight is NOW LIVE!
"Never a disappointing moment in this book, captured me from the beginning and couldn't put it down. " - Books and Boys Blog "All consuming - a pure rush of adrenaline and lust - Disgraced was nothing like I expected and everything I could have wanted." - The Read Report
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Disgrace: the condition of one fallen from grace. She is my forbidden fruit. The one temptation I cannot resist. The first night… I rescued her from an attack in the seedy underground of New York City. The second night… She told me the first of many lies. She thinks she can keep me out of her world, but she’s in over her head. Watching her, being near her, it gives breath to something dark inside me. Something primal and forbidden. Forbidden to me. Because in six months, I’ll be an ordained priest. And she complicates things. She thinks she is my disgrace. Truth is, my fall had begun the moment I’d laid eyes on her. Disgraced-Teaser2(1)

Disgraced by Natasha Knight was such an amazing read!

As soon as I started this novel I knew that I was not going to be able to put it down. I was so engrossed in the storyline that I was already over half done the story before I even looked up from my kindle screen.

I never imagined that I would fall as in love with the story as I did. This novel is certainly a novel that deserves to be read as many people as possible.

Go and pick up this incredible novel for yourself today!

4/5 Stars!

About the Author:
USA Today Bestselling author Natasha Knight writes dark romance as well as spanking romance in a variety of genres including contemporary, paranormal, post-apocalyptic, science-fiction and fantasy. She is a #1 Amazon Bestseller in multiple categories forever searching in every story for that single most important element of love. All of her stories contain at least one kinky Alpha male, lots of dirty talk and a well deserved happily ever after.
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