June 28, 2017

Absolution by Missy Johnson - Release Day!

Cover Design: Indie Sage
Release Date: June 28, 2017



Declan James was the perfect guy. He was sweet. Charming. Caring. Until he wasn’t.
Fourteen years ago, his actions tore apart my family. He ruined my sister’s life and nothing was ever the same again. But now, a decade later, he’s back. When he walks into my office, asking for my help, I’m shocked, but nothing prepares me for what I’m about to learn. I see how far he’s gone to redeem himself and I know that he’s changed. I also know that, as a priest, he’s more off limits than ever. If I help him, my family will never forgive me. If I fall in love with him, I will never forgive myself.    


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Absolution by Missy Johnson was a good read!

I loved Declan. You could tell that everything he has been through has really effected him. He was hurt and damaged, but that made him no less appealing to read about. Instead, I actually loved him more. He wasn't the perfect character, but was real. Deep down, he truly was the same person as before, and really did care about the people in his life.

I definitely enjoyed this novel by Missy. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

4/5 Stars!



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About the Author

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Missy lives in a small town in Victoria, Australia with her husband and her confused pets (a dog who thinks that she is a cat, a cat who thinks he is a dog...you get the picture).When she's not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

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