June 11, 2017

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Score by Victoria Denault Spotlight Sunday!!!


He's used to winning, but now he's playing with his heart.
Jude Braddock. Hockey god. That's how everyone sees him now. But when they were teenagers, Zoey knew him as the kid who didn't have enough nerve to make a move on their one and only disastrous date. Seems he doesn't have that problem anymore, though. According to the rumors, he's with a different woman every night. After a rough divorce, the last thing Zoey needs is more heartbreak. But Jude's cocky, playful attitude is mighty hard to resist.

Jude knows he isn't built for long-term relationships. But he's getting sick of women pounding on his door in the middle of the night looking for a rematch. When Zoey comes back into his life, it's like fate has given him a second chance. He'll do anything to make her happy again. Is this what love looks like? He has no idea. All he knows for sure is that this time, he's playing for keeps. 

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Score by Victoria Denault is the first book in her new San Fransisco Thunder Hockey series.

Jude Braddock will definitely make your heart skip a beat. Right from the beginning, I fell in love with him. He is sexy, confident, cocky, and yet, he is also so sweet and charming. Not to mention the fact that he is a hockey player, which makes him even more appealing.

Enter Zoey Quinlin, the childhood friend of Jude. Zoey is such a strong woman who has so much going on in her life. In the midst of it all, Jude reappears in her life, causing all kind of old emotions to once again appear at the surface.

The attraction and tension shared between Jude and Zoey was electric. You could tell how much they cared about one another and how much they wanted to be in each others lives. Further,

I cannot say enough good things about thins novel!! From start until finish, I loved every single detail! I will definitely be picking up the next book in this series, Slammed, when it releases later this year!

5/5 Stars!

Author Interview:
1) For those who don't know you, would you mind telling us a bit about yourself?
I’m a hockey fan, a travel addict and a beach bum. I’m a proud Canadian now living in Los Angeles, California with my husband and our two geriatric, chubby Chihuahuas. 

2) What was the last book you read that you fell in love with?
I loved Parker Swift’s Royal Affair the heroine, the hero and the plot just sucked me in, which was unexpected because I'm not usually so into alpha men. But I adored the book - and Dylan Hale (the hero). I have to catch up on the series. I haven’t had a chance yet because I’ve been writing and can’t read and write at the same time. 

3) When you're not writing, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Reading – particularly at the beach and hiking all the canyons around LA. I also love to travel. 

4) In your opinion, what makes a great story? 
Relatable characters. I always have to be able to relate to a part of them, or something they’re going through. It makes me invest emotionally and that makes it a great story for me. Even in dystopia or fantasy where the world is not something a reader has experienced, the characters, their struggles, their feelings, have to be relatable.

5) When did you first realize you wanted to become an author?
At 12 I started devouring novels and didn’t stop all through high school. I would read 2-4 books a week. And I decided I wanted to write my own stories and used to spend hours up in my room typing away on a 1930s typewriter my parents had bought, not for actual use, but for display as an antique – but I used it! 

6) What was your inspiration behind Score?
It really came from watching all the hockey bromances out there – Carter-Richards, Toews-Kane, Seguin-Benn, Bieksa-Kesler. I wanted to write a story with a broken bromance. Also I love a second chance romance and wanted to write another since I hadn’t really written one since One More Shot. 
7) If Score were turned into a movie, which actors/actresses do you picture as the lead roles?
I would love Stephen Amell as Jude. He’s got the perfect devious smile. Also, Rose Leslie (from Game of Thrones) would make a great Zoey.

8) What is your favourite quote from Score and why?
“I know that this kiss is going to be incredible. The kind that wraps itself around your soul and bleeds its way inside, branding you with its heat and intensity for the rest of your life. When you’re old, on your deathbed, it’s remembering kisses like this that give you comfort. That give you proof that you lived, and lived well.”
I love this quote because who hasn’t had kisses like this? And if you haven’t, you’re definitely hoping to! 

9) Do you have another book in the works? If so, what is it about?
Oh gosh, I have a million books stored up in my head. One set in the 70s, a new contemporary romance triology, a YA novel, a chick lit novel, but I’m currently doing edits on Slammed, Dixie and Eli’s story and just finished writing the last Hometown Players book about Alex Larue (who had been in a few books in the series so far). 

10) Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included? 
I just want to say thanks to the readers and the bloggers like you who devote so much time to promoting authors. We owe you so much!

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