Review Requests!

If you are interested in requesting a review of your book, contact me by email me at  with "Review Request" in the subject line.
I wish I could review every book I receive, but with being a full time University student as well as having a job, my time is limited. Please note that I will only respond to those requests that I accept. I keep all review requests in a special folder and time permitting, I will email you at a later date. I read pretty diversely; however, please see below to find out what I enjoy the most.
What I enjoy the most:
  • New Adult and College Romance
  • Young Adult (Teen) Romance
  • Mystery/ Thriller
  • Erotica
  • Adult Contemporary

* Please note a copy of some form is required for a review.*
Galleys, paperbacks and hardcovers are always appreciated; however, not required as I can accept epub and mobi and Netgalley formats as well.

Audio Book Reviews:
I also review audio books. 
If you would like a review written for your audio book please send me an email to with a synopsis of the book as well as an approximate length of the audiobook. I will then be in contact with you shortly.
*Please note that an audible redemption code is required*

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