August 30, 2016

# WishlistTuesday

Wishlist Tuesday #22!!

I am back with Wishlist Tuesday #22!!
This feature will be posted every Tuesday and feature books that I have loved so much that I need them in paperback.
Wishlist Tuesday will allow me to show my favourite books that I have read in the past or have recently read. 
Books will vary in genre as well as writing style. Some books will be classics while others are contemporary.

Today's feature is: The Anatomy of Jane by Amelia Lefray!!!

Jane I’ve always been on my own. My life used to consist of nothing but work, keeping Allen out of trouble, and if I had time, sleep. Then I became their maid. Max Every day more than half a million people tune in to watch my show. They trust me. I know it’s because I’m the only son of the prominent Emerson family. However, I like to believe it because I’m honest no matter what story I report on. I’m honest about everything but the man I’ve been f**king for the last four years… and now her. Wesley I want three things: First, Maxwell Emerson and Jane Chapman both in my bed. Second, to be the best bloody chef in the country. Third, to figure out how to simultaneously get the first and second things I want without any of us getting hurt. THREE PEOPLE. ONE LOVE STORY….  


What an incredible novel!!!! 
I was skeptical about reading this novel due to the fact that I am not a huge MM novel fan. I can say with 100% certainty that this book has definitely changed my opinion!!
The Anatomy of Jane by Amelia LeFray had me hooked from the very first page!!! 

Wesley and Maxwell with having you panting with desire! Their connection and chemistry is off the charts HOT! When you add Jane into the mix, things go from HOT to scorching!
You can't read this novel and not image yourself as Jane!

“He’s so hard. He wants to fuck you… what do you think? Should I let him?”

Not only was this book amazing due to its sex scenes, but also for the romantic elements. Wesley and Maxwell did truly care about Jane and her well being. It wasn't one sided either. Jane felt a deep connection for both men.

"You can’t like two people equally,” she whispered as I leaned into her. “Watch me.”

I was unable to put my kindle down until I was finished reading this!! I highly recommend this novel and eagerly anticipate the second book!
5/5 Stars!!

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